Rental EduTech Studio


Rental EduTech Studio

Rental EduTech Studio in Chennai

We are one of the first rental studios in India. The studio is exclusively designed for EduTech video production and Post-production support with the latest technology and expert staff. We will provide introductory grooming sessions for beginners. We offer all facilities that are necessary for taking a video shot. You can rent the Edutech studio space for Online videos, lecturing, or television advertisements. In addition, you can utilize the space for offering online learning classes or Youtube videos.

All necessary equipment is available in the studio, including a large chroma screen, Interactive panel, Latest PCR setup, including flashlights, background images or colors, a makeup area with lighting, changing room, and other vital facilities. You can avail of this service at minimum cost from our studios.

We are a pioneer in introducing the EduTech studio rent concept in India.The simulation studio is fully air-conditioned, and there are eight light stands available according to your needs. Our staff is friendly and supportive to offer any assistance. Younyone can test their digital content and idea before actual setup.